Tips before buying a used car

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  • 5/23/2022
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Most of the time, the process of online buying for used cars could be tiring. As you must be following a few significant steps to make it easier for you to choose your future car that you will drive for several years to come. For example, seeking the appropriate website and amount. There are several things that you should pay attention to in the car you want to buy, such as its fuel consumption or its periodic maintenance schedule. To ensure a long-term comfort car and to make this task easier for you we will show you the most important tips that you should follow before buying a used car.

Tips for buying a used car

Here are the most important tips that you should follow before buying a used car:

Why do you need a car?

Before you think about achieving your dream car and buying a high-performance sports car, or a family four-wheel drive, you must decide what is your need for a car? The questions you should be asking yourself about your need and requirements for a car, as follows:

  • Practical requirements: Several things are included in the practical requirements of the car: The cost, number of the family members, storage places. And do you want it as a sports car, family car or a four-wheel drive?.
  • Driving requirements: Will you drive the car you are planning to buy on the streets of the city or on the highways? Whereas the size of car engine and the type of fuel will have an impact on your decision in this regard.
  • Environmental conservation: The eco-car such as all-electric or hybrid cars, have a lower operational cost than normal cars, and if you are concerned with conserving the environment this is the best kind of car for you.
  • Reliability: There are a lot of nice and striking cars, but with a bad reputation relative to reliability, and undoubtedly old cars will be cheaper than a brand-new car, but it may require costly maintenance. So ask about the reliability of the car you want to buy and read all related online reviews.


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Calculate all costs

The budget that you previously passed for the car should not be just about the price of the car, it should among several other important things, including:

  • Fuel consumption costs: You can research online for the type of car you want to buy and find out what fuel consumption it is. And with simple calculations of fuel prices, you can know whether it is a fuel-consuming e or economical car, and the fuel consumption will affect you materially or not.
  • Maintenance costs: If the car you are planning to buy is old or out of bail for the company, then this means you are now responsible for the maintenance fee for failure and full periodic maintenance, which is why go for the new car to comfort and avoid these extra costs.
  • Cost of insurance: The cost of car insurance is a little high, so check out the cost of insuring the used car you have chosen and decide whether it fits your budget or not.


Choose the right place to search for the car

The Internet has dozens of traditional sites specialized in buying and selling cars, which allow you to sell or buy cars in the usual ways accompanied by trouble and receiving many calls and arguing over the price. But if you choose sites that offer unusual selling and buying services such as Motorgy website and app, you will be completely relieved. Motorgy offers a specialized team dedicated to assigting assisting you with the whole procurement process and they will negotiate for you to ensure you get the best price.


Inspect the car

A technical inspection of the car is very important, and it should be done in all car purchases, and if you find your future car and decide to buy it, and do not forget to check thoroughly, covering all main parts to ensure the car overall.

In addition to the technical inspection by specialists, do not forget to inspect it by yourself, as you must inspect the paint, the chassis, the engine room for any fluids, further to the interior to know the condition from inside and to try the electrical buttons to make sure that they work with no problems.

Make sure you read the mileage, where the car distance will probably tell you about the condition immediately.

if you go a long distance, it means that most of its parts need servicing, or the lifespan has expired.


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It is recommended to all car experts that have a test-drive of the car you would like to buy, as driving it will not only help you determine whether you will enjoy driving it, but it gives you the opportunity to identify any electrical or mechanical problems related to it.

When you test-drive the car, try to drive it along a variety of terrain such as asphalt, sandy and unpaved, and you must make sure to drive it at different speeds as well from slow to fast, and during the drive try the brake system, transmission, clutch, and guidance system.

Also, to ensure that the car is stable and not deviating from the road when you hit the brakes, and that there are no any crackling or screeching sounds coming from the engine room or from below, especially on the turn.


Ensure that procurement is completed

After you choose the car you like, ensure full procurement, starting with the purchase contract and all the details such as the price of the car, the date and if there is a down payment or not and to making sure to pay legally and securely.


Inspected, and certified cars in your hands

Motorgy is the first website that offers services for buying and selling new cars in Kuwait. It displays in your hands a wide variety of inspected and certified cars to choose your dream car. Motorgy offers you periodic maintenance services and a 24-hour roadside assistance service. Furthermore, securing safe and fast payment methods and assistance with the processing of transfer papers. With Motorgy you are guaranteed to buy and sell your car at the best price in the market value.

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