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Yes, Motorgy has a wide variety of inspected cars carried out by experts, and we cover more than 70 inspection points which includes the car body, chassis, engine, transmission, tires, interior, and the most important mechanical and electronic parts.

Of course, as soon as you find the car that fits your needs, you can send a car view request through our website or application and schedule an appointment to view and test drive whichever time suits you or you can directly contact us on 22200260.

Motorgy offers services such as car inspections carried out by experts which covers more than 70 inspection points, in addition to after-sale paid services which includes: a one-year warranty or 20,000 km on the cars’ engine, the transmission, and air conditioning for cars that haven’t passed 7 years or travelled more than 120,000 km. Also, 24 hours roadside assistance is provided for one year which covers fuel refills, charging or replacing the battery, instant mechanical repair services, car-towing, and maintenance services up to two years or 60,000 km including oil and filter change.


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